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"Vierzig geteilt durch zehn gleich vier."

Translation:Forty divided by ten equals four.

September 25, 2017



Is "geteilt durch" what is always said for "divided by"?


Not always, but it's pretty common. You'll also see just durch, e.g. zehn durch vier, for example.


There are A LOT of expressions for calculations in German: {A+B} A plus B, A und B ; ; {A-B} A minus B, A weniger B ; ; {A÷B} A durch B , A geteilt durch B, Der B-te * Teil von A, B geht in A ; ; {AxB} A mal B, Das A-fache von B ; ; {=} gleich, ist gleich, ist, macht, ergibt, sind gleich, sind, ergeben, and probably more... - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - *: here you use the ordinal number: {ERSTE, zweite, DRITTE, vierte, fünfte, sechste, SIEBTE, achte, neunte, zehnte, ...-te}


The pronunciation for this one seems impossible, or at the very least much harder than any others I've encountered on duolingo. Maybe this one is just buggy?


On my 3rd try I pressed the speaker and their own recording got it wrong...


I just wanted to try how good the pronunciation is but honestly I have to say that the pronunciation is quite bad... I am from Germany and and it was not possible to me me too to say 40 / 10 = 4 without being one so how could it be possible for a real English speaker


Sorry, the second sentence has to be: I am from Germany and it was not possible for me to say 40 ÷ 10 = 4 without being wrong


It seems nearly impossible to use the microphone to speak answers correctly.

Sometimes I would pronounce things exactly right and have them counted as wrong. Other times I would mumble bleh blah grak blargh and that would be counted as correct.

So, finally I just gave up and switched off using the microphone.


Same here. I even talked as slowly and clearly as I could and still no good.


Why only "forty" and not "fourty"?


As I understand it, the forty became in use because of phonological reasons.


Would be very nice if there were some examples of multiplication, powering and geometry.


"two times six equals twelve" = "zwei mal sechs gleich zwölf" (there are examples of multiplication)

"two to the power of four equals sixteen" = "zwei hoch vier gleich sechzehn".

And what exactly do you want to know about geometry? There are some examples in the "shapes" section.


Why not "is equal to" ?


Why not "shared by"


This is not how you speak about a mathematical division in English.


Wie würde man Ten times four equals forty. sagen?

Zehn mal vier macht vierzig.?


zehn mal vier ist vierzig
zehn mal vier gleich vierzig
zehn mal vier ist gleich vierzig
zehn mal vier ist vierzig
zehn mal vier sind vierzig
zehn mal vier macht vierzig


Thanks for accepting answers like "2 + 2 = 4" for other questions. But for this question "40 / 10 = 4" was marked wrong, which is a bit confusing.


All those should better not be accepted, because this way you can "escape" translating anythinbg.


wann benutze ich equal und wann equals


"equals" ist eine Verbform (wörtlich: "gleicht"). "equal" ist ein Adjektiv und heißt einfach "gleich".

Anders als im Deutschen, wo man statt "ist gleich" einfach "gleich" sagen kann, muss man auf Englisch das "ist" ("is") unbedingt verwenden, wenn man das Adjektiv verwenden will.
Also entweder "X equals Y" oder "X is equal to Y".


Impossible to get the pronunciation right! Took me five attempts and i am not sure what was different about the one that was finally accepted! How annoying to lose hearts!

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