"V těchto hotelech jsou pokoje příliš špinavé."

Translation:The rooms in these hotels are too dirty.

September 25, 2017

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Is correct this sentence "there are too dirty rooms in these hotels" ?


Nope sorry. That is a very Czech word order.


Why not "the rooms in these hotels are very dirty"? I thought "příliš" could be "too" or "very"?


very (much) is different from too (much) in English and therefore has different Czech translations.


What is the difference between jsou pokoje and pokoje jsou in this sentence order?


You should mention the whole sentences. It sounds much better with jsou in the second position. Or with "pokoje v těchto hotelech"="the rooms in these hotels".


So using the locative, is the locative statement generally placed first in the sentence, like this one?


"The rooms in these hotels are too dirty" implies all rooms. Whereas I think the Czech actually means "There are rooms that are too dirty in these hotels", meaning that not necessarily all the rooms are dirty. Which meaning is it?


No, it does not imply that at all.

There are dirty rooms ... = V tomto hotelu jsou špinavé pokoje.

Observe the difference:

dirty rooms are ... špinavé pokoje jsou

rooms are dirty ... pokoje jsou špinavé

There are dirty rooms here. ... Tady jsou špinavé pokoje.

The rooms are dirty here. ... Tady jsou pokoje špinavé.


Are both "hotelích" and "hotelech" correct? I swear I've seen the first form in another sentence.

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