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  5. "Die Regel gilt hier nicht."

"Die Regel gilt hier nicht."

Translation:The rule does not apply here.

September 25, 2017



Duo seems to be pretty restrictive in the translation here. based on the suggested meanings of 'gilt', I tried "The rule does not apply here", "the rule is not in effect here", "the rule is not effective here", and "the rule is not in force here", all of which are marked wrong. Now, maybe there is some nuance that makes some of those not have the same meaning, and someone could explain what specifically gilt means. However at least "apply" is synonymous with "count" here. In fact, "count" is really euphemistic here: while it should 'count' as a possible translation, it certainly isn't the main or proper one.


I think "The rule does not apply here" is a good translation. This seems to be a new exercise, so just help Duolingo out by reporting it during the lesson next time, so that it can be added.


Well, a year later "The rule does not apply here" is still not accepted. Reporting it again.


It now seems to be the primary definition, fyi


I hear that advice to just report often but how is one to be confident there is not some subtlety that is not being accounted for?


I just reported "The rule does not apply here."


Reported again: it's a much more natural translation than "the rule does not count here".


And why can't you say : 'the rule is not valid' here?


that's what I put and got marked wrong - very annoying!


I got caught out with this one. It seems duolingo has a consistency problem, sometimes it's OK to post a translation of the context, sometimes it needs to be exact.


Whatever answer is accepted really needs to have "here" in it. The rule might apply elsewhere, but it doesn't here. That's as opposed to a rule that doesn't apply anywhere.


“The rule is not valid here” should apply. I think.

[deactivated user]

    What about "The rule is not valid here" as in "Die Wette gilt"?


    I tap 'gilt' to see what it means, and it tells me its 'valid'. So i type 'the rule is not valid here' and it tells me im wrong.

    So many time Duolingo does this when the sentence i type means the same as what they consider correct


    Is there a reason that the German line cannot be translated as "The rule is not valid here."


    my opinion that it is not a correct translation, I think it should be: The rule is not valid here. Gilt is either valid or apply or effective but not count


    Im Deutschen ist das Wort "zählt" sehr üblich. ZB Unsere Meinung zählt nicht. Apply hatte ich in dem Zusammenhang noch nie gehört und auch pertain kannte ich nicht. Ich glaube, ich muss noch viel lernen.


    Yup, I just got busted, too, on the translation, "The rule does not apply here." For the life of me, I do not understand why "apply" is not acceptable, here; and I say that after reading all the previous posted comments to the same effect.


    Distinction of a lot of what she says (between certain sounds like W / S and many others... is atrocious.


    Yikes. Really schrecklich audio


    Why is "regulation" not accepted?


    But the comment of consistency in translation is quite correct and annoying . Duolingo should either provide alternatives to other correct solutions or provide more than just a multiple choice reports


    Apparently English has far more possible ways of expressing this than does German. I used "does not apply here", which was incorrect. I'll use "count" next time but recommend updating what is acceptable or changing the sentence.


    I don't understand why "The rule does not apply here"is not accepted.


    The rule is not valid here should be considered as a right answer


    to count = zählen, to apply = zutreffen, to be valid = gelten. Out of those, "apply" is the best choice - in my humble opinion.


    The rule is not valid here or The rule is not in effect here ????


    What is the infinitive of "gilt?"


    gelten : "Die Regeln gelten hier nicht", zum Beispiel. "Reverso" is great for these kind of questions: just type in the verb you're interested in (eg "gilt") and it shows you a complete set of conjugations. https://conjugator.reverso.net/conjugation-german-verb-gilt.html


    Thanks for the information.


    From Langenscheidt dictionary.

    A V/I 1(gültig sein) to be valid; (Gesetz) to be in force;

    die Wette gilt! the bet's on!; was ich sage, gilt! what I say goes!; das gilt nicht! that doesn't count!; (=ist nicht erlaubt) that's not allowed!

    2 (+dat= bestimmt sein für) to be meant for

    3 (=zutreffen) das gleiche gilt auch für ihn the same goes for him too

    4 gelten als (selten) to be regarded as; es gilt als sicher, dass... it seems certain that...; gelten lassen to accept; das lasse ich gelten! I accept that!

    B V/T UNPERS & V/I (geh) es gilt, ...zu ... it is necessary to ...

    C V/T (= wert sein) to be worth


    Question......what is wrong with 'The regulation does not apply here' ?

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