"We are wearing sweaters."

Translation:Wij dragen truien.

1 year ago



My 100% Dutch grandmother living in the Netherlands commonly calls our sweaters "vesten". Why is "vesten" wrong here?

1 year ago

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And what is the English name for these? Or is it also a vest? Clothes' names have always confused me, in every language.

1 year ago


In Australian English, most of these would be called cardigans. A cardigan is usually knitted and buttons up at the front. The zip-up ones are more likely to be called jackets, and the one labelled a "sweatvest" is what I'd call a tracksuit top, even if it doesn't come with pants.

It must be very confusing because of the way different words are used in different English-speaking countries -- and in Australia, even in different states. So, what some people call a pullover or sweater, Australians would call a jumper, as in British English. And for a top made out of tracksuit material but that you pull over your head, in Victoria this would be a windcheater, whereas in Queensland it would be a sloppy joe.

And don't get me started on thongs! (Can be underwear or footwear in Victoria -- the same footwear is called jandals in New Zealand and flip-flops in other places.)

Even swimwear -- bathers in Victoria (or sometimes togs -- kind of a slang word, I think), but swimmers in New South Wales...

11 months ago
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