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  5. "How old is that machine?"

"How old is that machine?"

Translation:Jak je ta mašina stará?

September 25, 2017



I suppose the adjective can be placed either after the interrogative pronouns or at the end. Could I ask which one is more common or natural to the Czech natives? Or do you really hear both?


Both "Jak je ta mašina stará?" and "Jak stará je ta mašina?" are equally common and natural.

"Jak stará ta mašina je?" is possible as well and expresses even deeper level of astonishment.


Thank you for these examples, including how to arrange the words in order to express astonishment.


Could someone show me how to do the sentence with "stroj" for machine, please? I put "Jak stary je to stroj?" and it said the answer should be "Jak je ta mašina stará?" So I am not sure if my mistake is in the order of the words or if I mixed up stary/stare/stara or to/ty/ta. Thank you!


"Jak starý je to stroj." is a possible Czech sentence, but a different one, identical with "Jak starý stroj je to?" or "Jak starý stroj to je?". So that would be the "je to"/"to je" pattern. "How old machine is that?" The "to" would couple to the "je", not to "stroj".

Because stroj is masculine, "the machine" must be "ten stroj".


"Jak je ten stroj starý?" or "Jak starý je ten stroj?"


I have the same doubt: why not Jak starý je ten stroj?


Jak starý je ten stroj? is accepted.


Is mašina the same as stroj ?


More or less. Stroj is much, much more common. Mašina is more of a colloquial expression and it can also mean 'locomotive' especially.


I wrote Jak stará je ta mašina and it was right. Why not Jaká stará?


JAK is how. Well, I guess you knew that by now :D

JAKÁ is primarily which. Jaká stará je ta mašina. would not make sense. Which old is that machine.

JAKÁ can also be "what is she like"


Jak je stará ta mašina - why not?


It sounds right. Please click "REPORT - My answer should be accepted" under the sentence.


Nechapu...proč je špatně: "Jak je ten stroj starý?".. mašina je zastaralý, nebo slangový výraz...


"Jak je ten stroj starý?" is correct and accepted, of course.

You must have made a mistake there. Next time use the report button (My answer should be accepted) so we can see what you actually entered.


Is it possible to say "Jak ta masina je stara?"


No. Jak stará je ta mašina? or Jak je ta mašina stará? are the best.


wrote "jaká stará je ta mašina" and got wrong answer. why is it wrong? i get from other tries that "jak" was the correct one to use, but why? shouldn't it be "jaká" since mašina is feminine?


It must be jak, because you are asking for a property of an adjective, not for the adjective. The answer is hodně, málo, 10 let, ...


Why my anser: Ják starý ten stroj? is not correct?

  1. it is jak, not ják

  2. you are missing the verb


jak stara je to masina?

Not accepted JE TO construction? I thought "je to" fitted everywhere , no need to fit conjugations...


You have to distinguish the syntax (see also my answer to NRPL123):

"How old is that machine?" "Jak je ta mašina stará?"


"How old machine is that?" "Jak stará je to mašina?"


is this / is that - je to / to je


the machine / that machine - ta mašina / tamta mašina / ten stroj / tamten stroj

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