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September 25, 2017



Whats the difference between tbis and 홑이불?


If I understand it correctly, 침대보 is the sheet which you put on the mattress before lying down on it. 홑이불 on the other hand is a sort of very thin blanket (i.e. you would cover yourself with a 홑이불 but lie on top of a 침대보).

[deactivated user]

    why isn't "duvet" accepted? there's another question in the module "저는 곧 침대보를 세탁합니다" > "I am going to wash the duvet soon." - it's just confusing


    Another sentence translates this word as "duvet." I put "duvet" in this sentence, and it was marked wrong. I will report that the answer "duvet" should also be accepted.


    What is a duvet?


    I did not grow up using that word, but my friend used it to refer to her bedspread. I reported it NOT because I love the word, but because that word was the translation in another sentence, and I was looking for continuity.


    I finally got around to checking out what a duvet was; here is what I found from a popular store chain and have copied and pasted, "What is a duvet? Sometimes referred to as a comforter (especially in the United States), a duvet is a type of bedding that is a soft flat bag filled with down, feathers, wool, or a synthetic alternative. It is protected with a removable cover, the duvet cover. The duvet set originated in Europe and was made from down feathers because of its usefulness as a thermal insulator." The bottom line is: a sheet is not a duvet.


    I agree that a sheet is not a duvet. A sheet is not a bedspread either. Again, I just want continuity. If the word means only "sheet," the other sentence should change to match. :)


    Im breaking doowwwwn chirabatte iruuuuuu

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