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Have you got this?

I translated 'Tienes esto' as 'Have you got this' and was marked wrong, the correct answer being 'Do you have this'.

But 'Have you got' is a correct (if dated) British-English equivalent of 'Do you have'.

April 2, 2014



Well, yes, the transatlantic version is making itself heard, increasingly. My big brother told me off for saying 'Do you have' in about 1963 ...


I think I'd like to be nearing retirement before I get classed as dated. :-(


I agree it's perfectly good British English but it's not dated at all. It's in very common, every day informal use.


So how do I alert the authorities here? I saw a button for reporting such things when working on computer, but this happened when I was using my phone.


I wouldn't bother. A year on, they still mark 'loo' wrong and insist that we all 'go to the bathroom', even in portaloos. :rollingeyesattheheavens:


If anything I suspect it's a class rather than an age issue. :-(

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