"The public loves you!"

Translation:Het publiek houdt van jou!

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How comes "het publiek houdt van jij" is wrong?

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You need to use the object pronoun: "van jou"

Your answer would be similar to saying "The public loves I" in English. It's the wrong form of the pronoun.

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Dutch, like English, differentiates between subject pronouns and object pronouns. For example, in English we say "he sees the dog" but "the dog sees him", where "he" is the subject and "him" is the object.

Dutch does this as well, though it happens for more pronouns. So in English we'd say "You see the dog" but "the dog sees you" with "you" not changing, whereas in Dutch we would say "Jij ziet de hond" but "De hond ziet jou" with "Jij" being the subject and "jou" being the object.

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