"Do not rest on the street!"

Translation:길에서 쉬지 마라!

September 25, 2017

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Can I say 마라라? I can, right?


Koreans also seem to say 'X지 말라' sometimes


That does actually sound natural from what i remember. Perhaps it is an informal version of it. Can anyone else offer an input instead of just "wat"


말아라 is the proper spelling of the written conjugation of 말다 into the imperative mood. However this form is often shortened to 마라 in spoken Korean.

This truncation occured because of the similarity between the written imperative conjugation and the casual imperative conjugation.

  • Citation: 말다
  • Casual: 말아 /마라/
  • Written: 말아라 /마라라/

Colloquially the last 라 syllable is dropped so that 마 is the accepted casual form and 마라 is the accepted written form.


Is 길에서 쉬지 마세요. wrong? 그런 게 너무 많아서 지친다 진짜...


길에서 쉬지 마세요 is formal and it's like you're suggesting to not rest on the street rather than commanding it


What's the difference between 쉬지 마라 and 쉬지 마? In terms of usage, I mean. Both are very informal, but is one perhaps more offensive than the other?

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