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Problem that needs an answer.

Ok so when I was doing duo lingo on my computer I turned off the microphone. Now I'm doing duo lingo on my iPad and I can't figure out how to turn it back on. Can anyone tell me how? I will pay with lingots. I would really appreciate any help.

September 25, 2017



If it is the iOS app then go to the Clubs page (select on the bottom of screen), then top left select Profile and then top left select Settings and you will see the switches ( you may need to scroll down a little.


I'm not on the app. I'm just using my internet browser


Go back to settings and turn it on.


Obviously I have tried that but I can't find it! HELP!


Go into account in settings, it'll probably be there. CoolGrl 58 ROCKS!


So lez see... ok found it. Go to the top of the page with your username, click on the down arrow, select settings.... and then they have 'microphone on' and 'speaker on' ect right there. :) :)


all you have to do is go to settings and it will show everything u need there


Well, I'm not familiar with iOS but most mobile web browsers have a built-in function that let's you "pretend" you're using a computer rather than a mobile device. Try looking for such feature. It can be called "full page", "desktop version", "computer version" or something like that. It will be in the browser settings. Once you've changed to the desktop version make sure you're starting from the full address (containing www. in the beginning, rather than m.) and you should see the normal Duolingo page as you see it on a computer and there go to profile settings and turn the mic on just like you've turned it off. The thing is mobile versions of webpages are simplified to accommodate a smaller device screen. Thanks to those simplification you can easily use a page on a 6" screen but it comes at a price of reduced functionality. You need to enforce "normal" page to have access to all settings. Once succeeded you can probably safely go back to the mobile version again. Hope it helps. If you need more details I can show how to change this setting on Android version of Chrome.


I guess it'll be fastest if I provide links as they contain pictures. I've found an iOS version too.: Android: https://www.cnet.com/how-to/how-to-request-desktop-version-of-a-web-site-in-chrome-for-android/ iOS: https://youtu.be/ntCXt4ZvSTg Note that the same way you can go back to mobile version.


Thanks very helpful

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