"Ale on je jiný."

Translation:But he is different.

September 25, 2017



The TTS engine is not having enough delay between words (especially between "Ale on"), and it sounds unnatural. I've heard and been in conversations with speed speakers, but this is something completely different. Duolingo needs to take a beat longer between words, even for fast speakers.

February 8, 2018


Would the translation 'but he is another one' be ok?

September 29, 2017


Another one - další

June 4, 2018


I am not an expert on this, but some of these phrases(and words) seem a bit unusual for basic Czech. I thought more familiar language would be easier to start with. But maybe this approach is better?

September 25, 2017


It seems common to have discussions like this for unusual phrases and non typical words. For our levels of Czech, I think it would be better to use standard phrases and words to reduce confusion. I appreciate the CZ course, I just want to help. Hope this is the correct place. :-)

October 2, 2017


I also wrote, He is another, meaning he is someone else? Good work on the CZ course! I hope we can have the mobile edition as well! Diky!

September 29, 2017
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