"Matěj nemá rád růžovou."

Translation:Matěj does not like pink.

September 25, 2017

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Is "růžova“ name of a color, just like "modř", or is there an ellipsis ("Matěj nemá rád růžovou [květinu].")?


It's refering to the word barva itself (female word) - Matej doesn't like "the color pink"...


It's an ellipsis and the implied word here is certainly "color", i.e. "....nemá rád růžovou barvu."

Names of colors like "modř", "červeň" or "žluť" are very technical and only used by artists. A special one is "zeleň" which means "greenery", or "plants and trees". Otherwise we use the feminine adjective for colors, with "barva" (color) implied.

Here's a fun Czech song about colors:



Matej doesn't like something that is pink and in feminine case? As in "Matěj nemá rád růžovou barvu"?


this is how we refer to colors, which is the most likely meaning of the czech sentence. but technically it could mean anything pink or rose-associated of the feminine grammatical gender (book, soda, tooth paste, cologne), but then the translation would likely need to use the pink/rose "one".


Thank you for the replay.


Just an observation, it sounds as if Matej is being pronounced as Mateji. I put Mateji and it was accepted.


The TTS voice is overpronouncing the "-j" so it sounds a bit like "Matěji", you're right. It's not normally pronounced like that.

"Matěji" was certainly accepted as a typo. In listening exercises, Duo gives you the meaning in English and therefore omits the typo warning, unfortunately.

Otherwise it's wrong, of course. "Matěji" is the vocative, so "Matěji, nemá rád růžovou" would mean that you're telling Matěj that someone else doesn't like pink.


You would probably find you can type Maxabc and it would be accepted. Duo has got very poor on error-checking replies. It annoys me to hell, and I raise bug reports but nothing happens and I never receive an acknowledgement. Perhaps Duo has grown too big and can afford to ignore its users.

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