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  5. "They are different people."

"They are different people."

Translation:Jsou to jiné osoby.

September 25, 2017



"Jsou to jine osoby" sounds to me like "Those are different people". Shouldn't "They are different people" be translated to "Oni jsou jine osoby"?


Demonstrative "to" is often used instead of personal pronouns.

"Oni jsou jine osoby" sounds unnatural here, it is necessary to use "to".


Wouldn't it be Ony/Ta?


Really confused... Jsou indicates plural... Osoba is feminine, so shouldn't it be ' Jsou ta jiné osoby'?


"To je / je to" and "to jsou / jsou to" are fixed structures and don't change with the gender of the noun being used. It's quite like "c'est / ce sont" in French and "es ist / es sind" in German actually.


Why not Jsou to jine' lide'?


"Lidé" are masculine animate. The gender endings must match - so you need to use "jiní".


Why not "ti jsou jiní lidé"? Isn't 'to' singular?


This is this very common "To je..." "Je to...", "To jsou... ", "Jsout to..." type of sentence. It is always TO and it stands for anything indeterminate you are pointing to.


Are "osoby" and "Lide" interchangeable or is their a distinction in meaning? I mean other than them being a different gender.


As I commented several time, the primary meaning of člověk/lidé is (hu)man/humans(men) and the primary meaning of osoba/osoby is person/persons. But the actual usage is different between these English and Czech and there is often preference for "persons" in English where Czech uses lidé.


Could you also say "Jsou to různí lidé."....? :-)


Would you like to add some gender markers please? I made this mistake many times, because in english version there are no marks and i think about people, not about women. p.s. may be two versions are ok and i made a mistake when try "Jsou jiné lidé"


We cannot add any grammatical markers, unfortunately, it is not technically possible.

Here you can answer "Jsou to jiní lidé." "Jsou to jiné osoby." and similar. None of the possible forms is gender-specific.

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