"Rashidi is bereaved of his mom"

Translation:Rashidi alifiwa na mama yake

September 25, 2017

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The sentence "Rashidi alifiwa na mama yake" is best translated as "Rashidi lost his mother" where "lost" means that she died.


It looks like the English form of this sentence is present tense, while the Swahili translation is past tense. Unfortunately, the report options do not include this possibility.


Yeah, at first I was thinking it's like one of the cases where the Swahili perfect is like an English adjective but it's simple past ... and there are loads of problems with this.

As a native English speaker (who's been living in a non-English speaking country for years and sometimes has no idea what's normal English anymore), I don't even feel like this English sentence is anything anyone would say. Can you be bereaved of somebody???? I can only think of this being used before a noun (eg. bereaved party) or as a noun (eg. the bereaved were moved to tears).

I would just say "Rashidi's mum died," or, if I wanted to have Rashidi as the subject, maybe "Rashidi had his mum (go and) die on him" or: "Rashidi was died on by his mum," which is the closest to the Swahili sentence in terms of structure. It's kind of hard to give a normal translation in English.

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