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  5. "Moje auto každý řídit neumí!"

"Moje auto každý řídit neumí!"

Translation:Not everyone knows how to drive my car!

September 25, 2017



"Everyone doesn't know how to drive my car." This translation seems basically the same.


No, in that case (actually, it would be expressed as L0k4ss0 does below), you would be saying there is not a single person who knows how to drive it. Here, you are saying that there are some people who do not know how to drive it.


Thanks, I wish there were an easy to share reference to convince ESL speakers that "all languages do not" work like theirs. :-)


It is a statement loaded with connotation - as to why some may know and some do not know! The so-called connotation is a meaning that is not actually in the statement, a contextual undertone. In addition, it is possible no one can drive it, from the information given.


Why not "nobody knows how to drive my car"?


See my comment to dsarkarati above.


"Moje auto neumí řídit každý!" would have the same meaning? Thx.


About the same meaning.


Perfect example of confusion where Subject verb object doesn't apply vůbec :D


It works with SVO, too: Každý neumí řídit moje auto. Or even: Ne každý umí řídit moje auto. OVS is very natural here as well: Moje auto neumí řídit každý. This exercise uses OSV (Moje auto každý řídit neumí) to put a little stress on the verb. SOV sounds fine, too, but it requires a little special intonation: Každý moje auto řídit neumí. Flexible word order! :) Anything goes here, with various nuances of meaning, unless you start with the verb (that makes it sound too much like a question).


'Motorcar' or just 'Motor' should also be accepted. They may be considered archaic now but some of us are no longer young!


Leaving aside the question of whether these "should" be added, there is no one who can add or change translations at this time.

The best thing to do would be to manage to get this exercise again, use "motorcar" or "motor" in your translation, get rejected, and then use the Report button to send a record of your answer directly into the system. FWIW, I understand the non-web reporting system is currently more reliable than the web-based system...


I had done so before my earlier entry.

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