"Un secolo su due ruote."

Translation:A century on two wheels.

March 12, 2013

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sentences like this, with no context or idiomatic usefulness are what really push me away from duolingo sometimes...


I think these sorts of no context questions are put in to check whether we really understand the grammatical point of the lesson.On the other hand there are sentences which only those in the know know,and despite endless searches we ordinary folk fail....


I think they got it from the title of the book "La motocicletta italiana, Un secolo su due ruote tra arte, storia e sport" so it's not an idiom, it's just a sentence with a weird context written in a poetic form.


A centruy on two wheels? Huh... are we cycling through the past?


It could be a title for an article regarding motorbykes of the last century. Nothing new, lack of context.


Yeah, alright. Maybe my comment was unnecessary... sometimes I think maybe there is something else behind it, like an idiom. ;) Thanks for the reply!


Don't worry! I will let you know if there is one. :)


Excellent guess, there's actually a book entitled "La motocicletta italiana, Un secolo su due ruote tra arte, storia e sport"


I Googled it and there is a book titled " Un Secolo Su Due Ruote". It's a history of motorcycles, if that helps.


what are we talking about??? una bicicletta di cento anni

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