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Help on the word noch

I'm a bit confused about this word. The other day someone said to me Was machst du noch. I don't understand what the noch is meant to mean. Another time it's used is in noch nie. Which from my understanding is just Never. Can someone please explain this word a bit?

September 25, 2017



Hi Cluney,

good question! When I want to say/write something in english I miss this little german word so often. Or rather I don't know how to say it in english. Perhaps we can help each other.^^.

here's a link https://dict.leo.org/englisch-deutsch/noch So you can see, we use "noch" for many things. In english there are many more words, we just need "noch"

(Peter and Jim are working together) Was machst (heute) Du noch? What else do you want to do (today)?

Ich habe noch nie geraucht. (ok, ist gelogen^^) I never smoked before.

So I think we use it in many different ways. One meaning. You want to express that something not happend yet or never happend until now. "Ich habe das noch nicht gemacht. / Ich habe noch nie... / Ich habe mir das noch nicht überlegt.

Anonther meaning. If you add something or ask if you should add something. Very common in restaurants or bars. "Darf es noch etwas sein? Noch etwas? Brauchen Sie sonst noch was?.. Do you want something else. Do you need something else.

Or you want to express that a is not finished yet. "Das ist noch nicht fertig. Das Essen ist noch nicht fertig." The meal isn't prepared yet.

It can also used for long periods. Seit Jahrhunderten brauen wir das Bier nach Reinheitsgebot. Das tun wir noch heute.

And you can use it to express that you repeat something. "Das mache ich noch einmal." "Tanz noch einmal für mich." Dance once again for me.

So you see. We use it all the time. Please have a look at the link and tell me if that helps a little bit.

best regards Angel


Thanks. I'm not very good from learning from lists but I'll look at it a bit. Those examples were really helpful. Thanks.

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This may help: http://www.linguee.de/deutsch-englisch/uebersetzung/noch.html

Under Beispiele there is the symbol [...] click on that and there numerous other examples (that is what Biespiele means) of "noch" used in phrases and sentences. Below that there are examples taken from published newspapers, magazines, official docs, books etc. which highlights (in my settings it is yellow) the use of "noch" in real life. I hope this helps you.


One thing I see in many of these examples is that noch is used to kind of point towards the continuation of things or something that's to come in the broad future. Noch is certainly not very translatable into English.

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cluney2 - I just love your questions as I learn from the answers you get. Would you accept 5 Lingots?

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