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L', le and la

So I don't understand. What is the use of l' because we use it on the masculine l'homme and l'enfant but also on the feminine l'eau. Can someone please explain the difference? Its getting me messed up.

September 25, 2017



What LICA98 said. Some more examples are L'anglais (The English) L'heure (the hour) and L'amie (the friend)


Hi Maggi,

Welcome to Duolingo.


Le and la become just l' if they're followed by a vowel sound. This is an example of elision, which is the removal of a vowel sound in order to prevent consecutive vowel sounds and make pronunciation easier.
Elisions are mandatory—for instance, je aime is incorrect. It must be j'aime.

The grammar "Tips and notes" in the web version of Duolingo (www.duolingo.com)
You can read them on Pc or on your phone or tablet , when you set your browser in "Desktop mode"
(maybe not possible on an iPhone with a small screen)

.... and here are the links to other useful grammar explainations in Duolingo:

Good luck.


Thanks everyone. That really helps. I haven't practiced since I had a formal class about 3 years ago and I'm really rusty on everything. Thanks for the explanations!

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