"Korea is good at short track."

Translation:한국은 쇼트트랙을 잘합니다.

September 25, 2017

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This Konglish word is hard to pronounce—even for me. I’m curious if this will take on some other colloquial form in years to come for ease of pronunciation or will be replaced by a native coinage.


Native words for the win. Every time I go to get ice cream I'm basically speaking English with 20 extra syllables.


I cringe at any kind of Konglish actually. But some people want more English imported into Korean; this proposal goes as far as importing Roman letters into Hangul: http://www.unicode.org/L2/L2017/17125-new-hangul.pdf


That looks absolutely bananas, to put it politely. Thanks for showing me. I don't suspect it will catch on unless Koreans in the future are incapable of invention. There are ways to improve on the alphabet in Sejong's tradition rather than this.


Funny that the Korean proposer doesn’t know that their own alphabet already contains consonant symbols for F, and R (different from ㄹ), V, W, and Z. The king and scholars knew about the sounds already and overprovisioned for them.

During the colonial period, the textbooks used digraphs for sounds like F, TH, and Z (ㅆ). They have only been recently available in Unicode for text encoding on computers. Look up Kuiwon’s blog on 아학편.


Uh... Younger Koreans step by step lose track of their linguistic and thus cultural roots. Many don't understand the meaning of words that are 순한국어 anymore.

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