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Sound is choppy or non-existent in new version

In German the sound is choppy or non-existent in the exercises ever since the new look arrived. Since German usually has the action word last, it would be nice to hear the whole sentence when translating it. Prior to this new look, I didn't have any problems. This makes it extremely difficult to continue or to advise others to join.

September 25, 2017



Sound's OK for me, but I'm having to scroll around all the time to see the whole screen on my iPad, which is a little frustrating.


I have to agree.
Quite often the TTS sound is choppy or stopping to read the word in the middle.
I have to repeat audio very often.

BTW: Please move (edit) your thread from the German language sub forum to Troubleshooting.


I've only noticed it for a few words so far. It seems like some of the audio has been lost. I'm sure it'll get fixed soon. Just report it when you come across it.

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