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  5. "저는 동물을 먹지 않습니다."

"저는 동물을 먹지 않습니다."

Translation:I do not eat animals.

September 26, 2017



I don't understand. 먹다 means "to eat", right? Why 먹지, and what does this "지" in it mean? Is it because 않습니다 is there instaead of 아닙니다?


To negate a verb, the formula is +지 않다. I don't go, she doesn't eat.

아닙니다 is not to be. I am not a student, you are not teacher, he is not married, etc.


The definition for the word 먹지 glitch on my screen so I didnt know what it meant


Did you report it? (For anyone wondering, 먹지 means eat.)


I am vegan, so when I go to Korean restaurants, I can say this.


Yes, thats exactly why im vegan. Btw i was about to put, "I do not eat my animals" a while ago before this lol

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