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  5. "개는 물을 어떻게 마십니까?"

"개는 물을 어떻게 마십니까?"

Translation:How do dogs drink water?

September 26, 2017



It's wierd, we like scoop water with the back of our tounges, It's really bot efficient


Shlop shlop, shlop shlop, shlop shlop, shlop shlop.


Why is there no 들 after 개?


I have the same question.In my answer I wrote dog so I was told that it was incorrect and that it should be dog.But there is no들 after 개!


In general statements singular form is mostly used

[deactivated user]

    Its talking about dogs in general as a whole subject, not really as a noun this time. If it were specifically asking about some dogs, it would but it is talking as a subject instead. Hope this makes sense.


    In a previous question I answered "어떻게 개는 물을 마십니까?" So, how do I know if the order of my question is correct or not?


    Korean sentences are always structured as "subject -> object -> verb" so since 어떻게 is an adverb, it will go before 마십니까; since 개는 is the subject of the sentence, it will go first. I hope my explanation makes sense lol.

    I wish duolingo would explain stuff like this before lessons, it would make things way easier.


    SOV is the basic order, but a Korean sentence does not have to be in that order. Use the right particles and then any order is okay as long as the verb is in the end.


    I asked my Korean husband to double check but I think 어떻게 can be placed before the subject, before the object, or before the verb in this case and any of those 3 would be accepted in Korean speech.


    Sentence structure is very fluid, as long as the verb is at the end (that's a hard rule)


    Correct, and even that rule does not have to be kept in poetry.


    Any order is okay.


    But. Since we do not know the context, why could it not be one dog, drinking its water so weird, that I would question how it is doing it? Would there be a difference in the sentence then?


    Dogs?? Where's the plural mark particle '들'??


    Why is "how does dog drink water" is wrong?


    Maybe for the tiny mistake of not adding the "a" particle before "dog". So: how does A dog drink water


    I'm asking the same

    • a very young Sirius, trying to cope with his double


    i just wanna be your dog


    Can we say 개는 어떻게 물을 마십니까??


    Why is "how does the dog drinks water" incorrect? I mean in this sentence there is no 들. What is the difference between topic and subject in a sentence? I mean these both things are same. Can anyone help me out?


    they slurp it insert slurping noises 냠 물이 너무 맛있어요 that's what they will say


    I wrote dog and it should also be accepted


    Is this asking physically how (i.e. "by scooping it with the back of their tongue") or could this also be how in the sense of capability (i.e. "this dog has a muzzle on; how is it even capable of drinking right now?")? Basically just trying to gauge if 어떻게 is exactly the same as "how" in English or if it is more narrow.


    Why is duo interested in this

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