"What kind of hamburger do you have?"

Translation:무슨 햄버거가 있습니까?

September 26, 2017

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Why not 어떤?


무슨 and 어떤 have a very small nuance. 무슨 means something like "I have no idea which ones there could be" - 무슨 음반이 있어? = what/which albums do you have? (could be anything)

어떤 means something like "of the few obvious choices, which one?" - 어떤 영화 볼까? = which movie should we see? (if you're at the movie theater, there are around 7 choices)


So 어떤 can be thought of as "which [of these/those]"?


I was under the impression that the word for 'which of these' is 어느.


why does this translate to "what kind of hamburger do YOU have"? it doesn't mention a you anywhere? wouldn't it be more along the lines of "what kind of hamburger exists"? is the you implied or did i miss something?


It's a cutural/language difference thing at that point. In English, you would never ask "What kind of hamburger exists?" if you were, say, asking this question at a restaurant. So the "you" in that sense is implied in that it is interpreting the meaning of the sentence rather than providing a word-for-word translation.


I think isn't "exists" is a very literal translation but it could be interpreted as "what kinds of hamburgers are there (at this establishment)?" Phrasing it that way actually helps me distinguish what I think the intent of this question is, as opposed to "what kind of hamburger do you, personally, have?"


In some languages the 'you' or 'I' sometimes gets dropped in a conversation when it is obvious. Korean seems to do this too. It also happens in English but less frequently eg- What are you doing? Eating. The 'I am' is implied.


How do we know where the question word goes in a sentence?


If by "question word" you mean 무슨, it goes before the subject


Can 어떤 be exchanged for 무슨? Both mean "what kind of"?


Many here asked why 어떤 is not used. But I used 어떤 햄버거 있어요 is correct hmmm ya


Again, switching between technical and vernacular. This time, vernacular, so, it is missing "kind"


shouldn't it be 어떤 햄버거?

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