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Why does German have more activities to complete than other Duolingo Languages?

So recently I flicked through some of the other languages and I've noticed that there are at least less than half of the amount of activities that German has on these other languages. Is this due to the other languages being easier to learn or the German course having more complicated vocabulary to learn?

September 26, 2017



It has been updated more compared to other trees.


You should check a few other languages like Dutch (recently updated) and Russian (recently introduced) and see how they compare to German.


Yeah I saw Russian and that is getting closer to the size but not exactly the same. You also do have to learn more because of the alphabet!


The German tree is just a fuller course than most. The Germans are an efficient and thorough people.

Also, have you compared it to the Norwegian tree? That is a pretty long one too.

German grammar is more complicated than a lot of other European languages available on Duo since it has 4 noun cases. There are languages with more, though. German may be about in the middle of the pack for complicated grammar among all the courses available on Duo.


Yeah it is of a pretty similar size but German has only 3 more topics to complete!


The German from English course may have more skills, but each of those skills generally has fewer and/or shorter lessons than the skills of other courses have.


I am not that surprised really,It is my personal experience that many German people have strong work ethics. Please note I did not say all. The volunteers who worked for free to set up the course may have worked very hard? Just out of curiousity,does it have many mistakes?


In terms of skills and lessons it's I think the second-longest after Norwegian. In terms of lexemes (i.e. word in all its conjugated / declined forms) taught, I'd call it high middle: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24527279


I don't know. Some guesses would be 1. German is a more popular language, 2. German is quite complex. But to be honest I have no idea.

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