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  5. "Chci velkou hrušku."

"Chci velkou hrušku."

Translation:I want a big pear.

September 26, 2017



Here we go again. Resistance is futile.


What's Czech for double entendre? (Is it just me or is this course full of them?)


Is "pear" even a double entendre in Czech (we need to find a Czech equivalent of "Urban Dictionary" to figure it out)? Anyway, an "innuendo" in Czech is a "narážka" (more specifically, a "sexual innuendo" is a "lechtivá narážka") :)

[deactivated user]

    i remember the adjectives ending with é, á, or ý but i don't understand when we should use this "ou" in adjectives?


    It's accusative feminine singular ending. Please see the tips and notes sections for more info (web only atm).

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