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"I cook the roast since yesterday."

Translation:Faccio l'arrosto sin da ieri.

March 12, 2013



Why is since "sin da" in this example, but "fin da" in "fin da oggi"?


"sin" "sino" "fin" "fino" are perfect synonyms.

Please report if some of the forms are not accepted.


Can anyone explain why it is "l'arrosto" and not "il arrosto"? I thought L and then apostrophe was a substitute for "la", and if arrosto is masculine... Any help much appreciated!


Technically it replaces "lo" since the word is masculine. I think most words beginning with a vowel, both masculine and feminine, use l' for the definite article.


Duolingo suggests as primary " Cucino l'arrosto da ieri." Couldn't this also mean that you are heating up yesterday's roast?

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