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  5. "Ng'e si mpole"

"Ng'e si mpole"

Translation:A scorpion is not gentle

September 26, 2017



It is very frustrating that sometimes it is correct to write "a X" and at other times just "X"


Scorpion is nge without the apostrophe. It is pronounced [ˈŋ̩.gɛ]

"Ng'e" would be pronounced [ŋɛ], which is only one syllable ... which is impossible for nouns as they need a stressed syllable.


Another example of the inconsistency in the use and acceptance of articles, definite, indefinite or none. I do find this extremely frustrating and feel this needs to be addressed as soon as possible. I cannot be the only person who finds this frustrating.


Indeed, the ongoing inconsistency is really frustrating.


I have no problems with the articles...


When separated by an apostrophe, as in ng'e and ng'ombe, the "ng" should be pronounced as a single sound, like the "ng" is the English word sing.

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