"I go to bed at eleven."

Translation:Ich gehe um elf ins Bett.

9/26/2017, 8:29:11 AM



I wrote the sentence like "Um elf ich gehe ins Bett". It told me it should be "Um elf gehe ich ins Bett." "gehe" and "ich" were swapped around. What part of the rearrangement of the sentence changed them around?

9/26/2017, 8:29:11 AM

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The verb needs to be in the second position, but other elements can be rearranged a bit.

The 'standard' word order is still to put the subject first:
[Ich] [gehe] [um elf] [ins Bett]
[subject] [verb] [time] [destination]

Note that um elf is considered as one 'block' of information, despite being two words. That means that if we want to put it first, it looks like this:
[Um elf] [gehe] [ich] [ins Bett]
[time] [verb] [subject] [destination]

Generally you can put other blocks in the first position for emphasis, but the verb needs to remain in the second position. If the subject is no longer in the first position, it should come directly after the verb.

There is an interesting series of articles on German word order here.

9/26/2017, 9:20:40 AM


coud you rearrange it to "Ich gehe ins Bett um elf"?

2/9/2018, 5:17:19 PM


Worked for me

3/28/2018, 7:00:21 AM


Still marked wrong 6.3.19 I wonder if that's a mistake of duolingo or it's really wrong - i remember something about the time being before (manner which before) place. However we're taught that you can change the order for emphasis so i dunno if this change is allowed or not

3/6/2019, 10:39:45 AM

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Didn't work for me. 3.18.19.

3/18/2019, 5:30:34 AM

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I was marked incorrect :( 18.01.19

1/18/2019, 9:48:24 AM

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"Ich gehe ins Bett um elf" is wrong as of 27.01.2019. Reported.

1/27/2019, 9:09:22 PM


Why is "Ich gehe zum Bett um elf" wrong? I thought "zu" always takes dative. Duo says it should be "Ich gehe zu Bett um Elf"

8/8/2018, 2:34:10 AM


I go to bed whenever i want to,so sucks to be duolingo

3/19/2018, 8:59:09 PM
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