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"Tahle pohovka je pro náš byt příliš veliká."

Translation:This sofa is too big for our apartment.

September 26, 2017



"the sofa for our flat is too big" This is wrong??


That word order looks like it was heavily influenced by Czech. You have to remember that in English, there's no case system to help you figure out what is related to what, so without a strict set of rules regarding the word order, you'd get lost pretty easily.


It changes the implied meaning of the sentence. "The sofa for our flat" suggests that the sofa was already bought/obtained specifically for the flat, and turned out to be the wrong size.


I AM a native English speaker (American). And yes, I am thinking like a Czech person when I do these exercises and have to change gears every time I translate to English. So sometimes it comes out this way. What my question was about was "Can I use the word FLAT instead of APARTMENT?" When doing the timed strengthening exercises I try to use the shortest word possible. Most Czechs speaking English would always say "flat" anyways. Can you please add this as an acceptable translation?


Flat has been present in this sentence from the very beginning...


Tahle pohovka je příliš veliká pro náš byt. does it sound natural or correct if I use this way?


It is very natural and accepted.

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