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  5. "싼 가격"

" 가격"

Translation:Cheap price

September 26, 2017



The irregular use of articles is very frustrating.


Korean has no articles


I was referring to the English translation. It is marked incorrect if I include an article, which I believe is not correct. The English translation should be correct with or without an article ("a cheap price" or "cheap price")


Ah yes. I agree with you. They need to add options for nearly every sentence including "a" and "the" for all subjects.


가게 = Store 가격 = Price They are similar... I wonder why? I am sure it is because theu both stem from the same common word. Either way, it will be easier to remember these words, now. :)


Just a coindidence. 가격 (price) is from Chinese 價格。

가게 (a place that sells stuffs on a small scale) has no Chinese character associated.



They are unrelated but they are both Sino words. Look up 가게 on wiktionary. It traces to an older 가가. The Hanja is there.


something like 60+% of korean words come from Chinese characters. That is why you have similarities like that they use the same Chinese character or 한자. ^^


Is this correct Korean? Because cheap price sounds wrong, like the price had its own price. I don't know if it's correct English, but you rarely see it in texts.


"Low price" is proper English usually found in academic text books or business/finance newspapers [= 낮은 가격]

"Cheap price" is colloquial but well adopted by press & media (including The New York Times, BBC etc.), probably aiming at the less knowledgeable audience [= 싼 가격]


The corect English for "싼 각격" is "low price."

"A costly item is expensive, but the price itself is not expensive; neither does a cheap item have a cheap price. Prices are high or low, not expensive or cheap."


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