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  5. Great new update!


Great new update!

I love the changes for website users. Much easier to read and the new feature to review is like extra frosting on the cake!

September 26, 2017



You think that black/grey text on grey background is easier to read than black text on white background?


Please move (edit) your thread from the French language sub forum to DuoLingo.
This is not French related!


I like the new color scheme for the text. It's only a minor thing but after you answer the question and the text box becomes gray and the text in the box also, it's a little hard to read. There could be more contrast but that's more of a cosmetic thing than a real issue.


This is the required "workaround update" to the DuoLingo lessons screen / formatting update:

"Lessons Userstyle to get some things of the old look back": https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24634938


You mean they have revamped the review feature, or is it still the one that's been there for years apart from the few weeks after the rewrite and you just hadn't noticed it before?


From that link

This change is purely aesthetic, so all functionality should remain the same.

So no new features for the review as far as I can tell?!?


I can confirm that the review card is functionally and even aesthetically the same as before.


No new functions yet but it is the foundation for more features in the future, including Japanese, Korean and Chinese on web.


I find the new design less taxing for my eyes after hours of using Duolingo. OTOH I like that the exercises aren't numbered anymore, as sometimes I was focusing more on the numbers than on the exercises.


the new feature to review

What is this new feature?


it's interesting...I haven't done much with it yet but I kind of like it


My sound is cutting out again, forcing me to restart the lesson. Not too good for my fluency levels. It had stopped doing that for about 6 months.


Same here! I used to have a hard time focusing on the lessons, the update has been quite helpful. I also like how it has a bit of an aesthetic taste to it.


I agree! This update is awesome!

[deactivated user]


    Thanks ;)


    I don't miss the "fanfare" after completing a lesson/reaching a goal. Nice thought but unnerving after the 3rd or 4th time during a session.

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