"We hebben allerlei lekkere dingen te koop."

Translation:We have all kinds of tasty things for sale.

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It seems to me that "We have all kinds of tasty things to sell" would be the same as "...things for sale", yet DL wouldn't accept it. Any idea why?

1 month ago


Lekker(e) is one of those words that I think is going to confuse me for a looooong time. I've seen "lekker" used to describe the weather, sleeping (slaap lekker), as well as other things where it would be translated as "nice" or "well."

My answer: "We have all kinds of nice things for sale" was not accepted. I reported it just in case, but if my answer is indeed wrong, can someone explain the situational use of "lekker?" Would "leuke" or "fijne" have been a better translation for the answer I provided?

1 year ago

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'Lekkere dingen' in this case very likely refers to food. If it were referring to non-edible objects, the sentence would've have said 'leuke dingen,' and then your answer "We have all kinds of nice things for sale" would've been correct.

1 year ago

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Literally, lekker = tasty. You are supposed to use it for food. Then, by metaphors which are now completely part of the language, you use it to describe everything (the weather, sleeping, music, girls... Yes, even girls, particularly girls ;) ). It's like comparing these things to food. So for instance lekkere weer = nice weather, but Deze melk is lekker = This milk is tasty.

However, in this particular sentence, it's a bit tricky. I don't know if dingen = things refers to food or not.

1 year ago


It's "wij" not accepted as "we"??

2 months ago
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