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"De familie doet drie keer per week boodschappen."

Translation:The family buys groceries three times a week.

10 months ago



In (American) English, people usually "Go" grocery shopping rather than "do" grocery shopping. We're weird like that.

Also, the translation given: "The family buys groceries three times a week" using "doet" was a little tricky for me to understand. Could the verb "Kopen" (or I suppose in this case Koopt) be used and mean the same thing in Dutch? Or would that change the meaning in some way that I'm not understanding?

I know that I've been asking a lot of questions on the new exercises lately, but that's just because I feel that the accepted answers have been a bit too strict and with all the notes I've been taking, I want to make sure that I'm not missing any details.

10 months ago

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"Boodschappen kopen" would be understood just fine, but is not standard language. "Boodschappen doen" is pretty idiomatic and therefore hard to translate literally. We accept a wide range of English translations. If you feel like yours was wrongly rejected, don't hesitate to report it!

And no need to apologize, they are good questions! With the new exercises we tried to include more everyday Dutch language, which can be pretty tricky.

10 months ago


Why is "week" being pronounced "weerlijk" in this sentence? is that a correct pronunciation?

6 months ago

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The pronunciation at normal speed is correct.

6 months ago

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Can you actionize a noun in dutch just by using "doen" as a modal verb and the noun at the end of the sentence?

2 months ago