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Self test question

I really miss the "no-peak self test" we could buy with our lingots. It was one of my favorite features and we lost it when all the big updates happened. I still love Duo, but I sorely feel its absence. Any chance we would get it back? Also: I have quite a lot of lingots I'm itching to spend... any plans on new features we could spend them on?

September 26, 2017



I also miss the test (I used to take it once a month to check my progress) and have completely no idea how to spend my 742 lingots. Once you have the timed practice and have bought the bonus skills there's nothing you can really spend them on unless you're often unable to practice and need the streak freeze on a regular basis...


The test is still available through a back door. I took it a couple weeks ago. You can search the forum for " Progress quiz" . ( Step by step instructions will be given) . Make sure you are prepared to take it right away as it may disappear. ( it disappeared for me after 20 minutes) .


Thank you for the info! I started looking around in the forums, but I couldn't find the instructions... Could you please post the link to the discussion you mentioned?


I found what I had saved from the post.

===================================Getting back the Progress Quiz" ========

<h1>Appears to only hang around a couple hours , then it's gone - have to set it up and do right away.</h1>

You can get it back. Here's how:

Go to the discussions forum. ( for some reason it must be initiated from there)

Press F12, which will take you to the browser console.

Write(or paste) in the console :


It will reply


Go to the lingot store.

Buy and take the test!

===================================================================== I have not tried this since the new interface was applied ( couple days ago) . But it did work for me after the website upgrade of a couple months ago. Good luck


Thank you for the instructions! Unfortunately I still can't get to the tests... I tried quite a few times, but either I'm doing it wrong, or Duo deleted every shortcut. I wonder why they felt the need to lose the tests. They were very useful and people seemed to love them. I'm still hoping we would get them back someday... Anyways, thank you again for trying to help.


Dinka: Okay , I gave it a try . Failed 3 times and then got it. Then retraced my steps. I won't tell you my score. Scores like that should be kept private. Here is the original link https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24230592 - original post for Progress Quiz

Here are my exact steps:

  1. From the language you wish to take the test on hit the "Discussion" link

  2. Press F12

3 . Paste in command line : duo.old_web_url_whitelist=["^.+"];

4 . Note the reply of " Array["^.+"] "

5 . Click on the "Home" link

6 . Click on " Lingot Store "

7 . It should be there , if so close out console and buy the test.

Take test immediatley

I got it to work thrice in a row following those steps Bonne Chance!!!


I'm sorry, until now I haven't realized that you replied to my previous message! Thank you for the step-by-step instructions. I've just tried them and they really do work!!!!! It's so awesome! After so much time, I could finally take the self test again! Thank you again! You really made my day! :)


I'll give it a try later today and let you know the results. Yes , it was a great way to measure progress.


You're welcome Dinka - Hope your score was better than my last one !

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