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"Je vais essayer de passer vous voir !"

Translation:I will try to come and see you!

March 12, 2013


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The translation doesn't make sense according to the word translations given. Is this an expression?


I wrote "I am going to try to pass by to see you" which is totally awkward and literal, but it was accepted. In real life I'd say "I'm gonna try to come by and see you" but I prefer not to risk the hearts! ;)


I said something very similar: 'I am going to try to pass by and see you' and it wasn't accepted. It seems to me that these sort of expressions will have all sorts of colloquial variations in English. It's not surprising that Duolingo doesn't manage to work them all out in advance. In the real world I'd be more likely to say 'I'll try to call in and see you when I'm passing.'


I did the same, but all this time later it was NOT accepted. Go figure.


This seems like some idiom to me as well.


I'm lost as well


Does "passer" in this context mean "pass by", "drop in on my way"?


It must. Je vais essayer (I will try) de passer (to pass by) vous voir (to see you).


should there be a liaison between "vais" and "essayer?"


No. There never is a liaison after the word "vais".


Je ne le savais pas ! Merci !


How do you pronounce passer? It sounded something like 'pass-ay' at the slow speed.


The translation looks weird to me. There is no "and" in the original sentence although it might be implicit. I would rather translate it as: "I will try to pass by to see you". But I am not a native speaker so feedback are welcome. Thanks


As I was saying above, I believe that's the more literal translation. But in English we'd be somewhat more likely to use "and" the way the translation does, I think.


one translation given is "I will try to come to see you", so I suppose that is the idiom

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Well I'm glad I had one heart left because I wrote " I am going to try to see you " and it was marked wrong . I must say some of these comments are awesome. They are new lessons in themselves !


In yorkshire we drop in


why is "i am going to pass by to see you" wrong?


The literal "I am going to try and pass by to see you" is clumsy but correct english and should be accepted. I would much prefer "I will try and drop in (on my way in order) to see you"

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