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  5. "Quem é o gerente?"

"Quem é o gerente?"

Translation:Who is the manager?

April 2, 2014



what's the difference between "o gerente" and "o diretor"? Both mean "manager", but is there a reason to use one word over the other? or can they be used interchangeably?


no, diretor = director, Principal.


would it be correct to say that "o gerente' could be translated in ' the owner' "? As a French native speaker, the word 'gerente' makes me think about the word 'gerant' (in french "the owner of a small business") which could have the same meaning in portuguese.


In English, owner and manager are two different things. In a small business, the owner might choose to manage the business himself, but then he would still be called the owner, not the manager. In most businesses, the owner hires someone else to run his business. So the owner is one person, and the manager is a different person. Beware of cognates. Their meaning often changes from one language to another. Here's a funny story about cognates. I told a Brazilian friend I needed a 'vaso de agua' because in Spanish, vaso means glass. Not in Portuguese! Vaso is used for a vase for flowers, and also as vaso sanitario, their word for toilet. My Brazilian friend shook her head and drew a picture of a bathroom to teach me the difference.


Gerente cannot mean "boss"?


boss = patrão/patroa


What is the difference between gerente and chefe? In English either word could be used to mean the person who is in charge.

  • Gerente = manager
  • Chefe = boss


So, is the chefe the highest up person in an organization like the CEO, and the generate a middle manager of an organization?


Yes, somehow like that =)


I have a hard time hearing the "o" or "a" especially when it comes after a word ending in o or a. Happens even when talking or listening to Brasileiros. Any suggestions?

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