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  5. "아픈 간호사"

"아픈 간호사"

Translation:Sick nurse

September 26, 2017



This one should accept the answer with or without article.


This is the name of a mildly interesting Thai horror film (but it's Nurses- plural), though I'm almost certain that's not what this is referring to since it's really not popular.


So is this "a nurse that is sick" or just "a nurse"?


It's a nurse who is sick


This is also my question, like "a nurse that deals with sick people".


아픈 看護師


쩌는 간호사

쩐다, 쩔어, "dictionary form" (though it's slang or something I have yet to find it in one) 쩔다 -- nobody around here knows this, and it may be as dated as I am . . .

"sick 5 [informal] Excellent."


Oh yeah, cause 쩔어 means 'dope'~


So this for sure applies to a nurse in a hospital, but does it apply to someone like a school nurse? I've been watching School Nurse Files and I think they call the main character 보건교사, where 보건 means health and 교사 is another word for teacher (I think), even though she is acting as a nurse in the school, helping with upset stomachs, injuries, and menstrual cramps (among other things lol it's a wild show).

Could this apply to nurses in general or is it hospital nurses?


The nurse in this example is sick, not dealing with sick people. 아픈 X is someone who is sick or in pain, 간호사 is the general term for nurse. The school nurse is a special situation where the name is a little different.


Sick nurse doesn't even get a hit on Wikipedia, except for a Thai horror movie.

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