"My wife is now giving birth to our first baby on an operating table!"

Translation:제 아내는 지금 수술대에 우리 첫번째 아기를 낳고 있어요!

September 26, 2017

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수술대에->수술대에서 This word should be changed.


When you want to express, where the action took place (in the shop, on the operating table, at home etc.), you can use either -에 or -에서. Which one to use depends on the verb. Most often you should use -에서. I know only two actions, that require 에: these are 있다 (to be) and 서다 (to stand). In most of the grammar books they explain, that -에 is for static verbs, -에서 is for verbs with some action.

So in this case, as in our sentence, with the verb 낳다, it feels like even according to the grammar books it should be -에서.


More complicated sentences like this please!


... and I'm playing on my phone!


So 먼저 is more of an adverb and 첫번째 is more of an adjective?


You use 먼저 when you want to compare something with something eles, and 첫번째 has exact same meaning as "first".


One sentence I hope I never have to use


I never thought about it in that sense, but you are correct


Got it right on 1st try. Yay.

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