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Has voice recognition testing been removed from duo lingo?

As the topic says, has that happened? I don't even see an option to turn my microphone on anymore :(

Edit* - The solution appears to be to use Chrome. My issue is that I was using Safari, and that appears to be unsupported. Other browsers were not tested by me, but others have mentioned that Chrome may be the only browser with microphone support.

September 26, 2017



On another post where this was discussed, the conlcusion people seemed to come to was that the microphone option has been removed from every browser other than Chrome.


Merci! I figured that out, I should probably update the OP to reflect the solution.


I don't think it has been removed.


Do you still see the option to turn it on?

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Are you sure you didn't get any of those exercise just out of luck? They're random afterall. If you are, go to settings and make sure Microphone is on. If this doesn't work maybe it's a problem with your browser. While you're on Duolingo you can click on the green lock on the left of the address bar and check that the Microphone is not blocked.

If this doesn't work it may be a deeper problem (operating system or maybe hardware?).


Nah, I'm not even seeing it as an option in my browser to turn the microphone on when I go to that page. And it's not luck, I haven't received any in the last few weeks since I've been back to duo!

Edit* Haha, figured it out. The problem is Safari! On OSX (a Mac), and Safari doesn't give me the microphone option. It works just fine on Chrome.


I switched to Firefox a while ago (from Chrome) and have the same problem. Bummer to hear that they only support one browser these days :(

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