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  5. "Matěj a já pijeme kávu."

"Matěj a pijeme kávu."

Translation:Matěj and I are drinking coffee.

September 26, 2017



myself is perfectly acceptable instead of I here, not to be semantical


I wouldn't say so. "Myself" is not a subject word, any more than "me" is a subject word, except possibly in the "I myself..." usage, which does not apply here. But this is not to say that "X and myself" might not be used in everyday speech, wrong or not. If you report it, maybe DL will decide that it could be an acceptable translation.


Im confused why "Matěj and I drink coffee"?


It doesn't work?


It does. However, your report contains "Matělej" instead of "Matěj".


If pijeme is the equivalent of 'we are drinking', is there a different word for 'we drink'?


Both are "pijeme".


I know that in "proper" English as spoke by posh people it is supposed to be "... and I" but in the UK at any rate "... and me" is a frequent usage. Like "who" for "whom" - which Duolingo usually accepts.


There is a whole discussion about that at this very page already.


Yes, I found this subsequent to putting the comment. For some reason when I first went to "Discuss" only part of the discussion was shown, not including the part on this topic. However, I stand by my comment on this one. English is very flexible in many respects, it is a hybrid language, there are no language police, and despite the attempts of some well meaning people to impose their opinions on it, it is what it is as spoken and written, and it is changing all the time. I do appreciate this must make it difficult at times for you moderators with English translations!

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