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"A green apple or a yellow apple?"

Translation:푸른 사과 또는 노란 사과?

September 26, 2017



Any of them but not at night!!! because....... A Night Apple...... Is a poisonous apple........ And....... You're not jkay~


Is the question mark required in Korean for this phrase? In English, it shouldn't have a question mark because it's not a sentence. Spoken, you might say, "green or yellow apple?" while holding the two apples, but written and without context, it really needs a verb to be a sentence to require sentence-punctuation. If you would write it this way in Korean with a question mark, then please let me know, and this will make more sense.

I have had a couple of these recently with a question mark and I end up doing mental gymnastics to ignore the question mark in English and just directly translate the words. Making it a question with "do you want" would translate to one additional Korean word. But, now that I've seen it a couple of times, is "푸른 사과 또는 노란 사과?" considered a sentence in Korean? And if so, only spoken, or is this typical in written Korean? (Maybe I'm missing something, so I wanted to ask.)

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