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  5. "A restaurant without food"

"A restaurant without food"

Translation:음식이 없는 식당

September 26, 2017



How would 음식 without the 이 work in this sentence? 음식 없는 식당


For adjectives, you don't need to add the marker "이/가". The adjective is joined with "있는/없는" directly as one word without "이/가"

For example; An Interesting book = 재미있는 책

However, with nouns, you have to include the marker "이/가" to the noun as one word before following it with "있는/없는".

For example;

A child with a book = 책이 있는 아이

Tea with milk = 우유가 있는 차


I don't understand either. I feel like the other examples don't use the topic markers, but I'm not sure.


Actually does it mean a "no food eatery"???


Would 없는 음식이 식당 also work? I used that and it was incorreect


Just like in a normal sentence, you would say 음식이 없어요 (there is no food). When putting the phrase before the noun, you should keep the same order.


텅 빈 식당 is correct but 없다 cant used like that

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