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  5. "Is it purple?"

"Is it purple?"

Translation:Je to fialové?

September 26, 2017



if the "it" is not specified as to the gender, why is this the only correct answer?


When you use "to" = it/that as the subject, then in standard Czech the adjectives must be in the neuter.

Please note: I am not saying that youhave to use "to" for "it"as the subject. Rather, I am saying that if you do, then the adjective that follows must be in the neuter.

Corrections welcome!


And is that also true even if we know that the "it" we are talking about is a feminine thing? For instance, if the topic of conversation is a cat, already mentioned, would I still go on to ask "je to bilé?" or might I ask "je ta bilá?"... just curious...


You would say just "Je bílá?" or you would have to say "Je to bílá kočka?" or "Je ta kočka bílá?". In the "je to"/"to je" pattern it is always "to" for all genders and numbers.


Excellent, thank you.


V, please read my answer again. With which sentence you do not agree? I have never said you can't say "Je to fialová (barva)?". What I argued about is that you can't say "Je ta fialová?".

"Je to fialová?" is a one-off very specific case where previous sentence must have mentioned the word "barva" explicitly.

Please also note that at the moment we had exactly zero reports of "Je to fialová?". I added it, but when there are no reports, no wonder it is missing.


I don't agree. as Viktor said above, if I am asking about the color, I would have asked ''Je to fialová? (nebo růžová?)'' ENG:''Is it purple (or pink color)?'' since it is not specified whatever the question is about a bra, car, speaker, CD, guitar or a color, all genders should be allowed here...


Nesouhlasím. Když se ptám, která je to barva, ta se ptám "Je to fialová" a slovo barva už neopakuji. Stejně se mohu i zeptat "Je to fialové"

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