"Von votevřel vosum voken."

Translation:He opened eight windows.

September 26, 2017

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Von votevřel vosum voken vobrovskou voháňkou vod vožralýho vohaře. = He opened eight windows with a giant tail from a drunk harrier.


Is this ancient czech?


Why and when do we add 'v' at the beginning? Does it change anything? Is 'o' as primary character important in such cipher?


This isn't an official form of czech language. It's just a kind of dialect that is not official and you can use it only in the certain parts of czech countryside. The form you should use in big cities like Prague or Brno may sound like: ,,(On) Otevřel osm oken.''


I, both my parents and three of my grandparents were born in Prague and I can assure you that prothetic v before o is standard here colloquially. It is not used in most of Moravia. I am not entirely sure about Brno though.

Of course, since this is not standard literary language, people avoid it when higher register is expected, and some avoid it altogether even if they live in a region where it is endemic.


Brno is its own kind of dialectal niche and a lot of people there use the prothetic "v-" unlike the rest of Moravia, but not as many people as in Bohemia.


Finaly found a usage of my Ukrainian speaking skills

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