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"Ten chlapec tady je bez otce."

Translation:The boy is here without his father.

September 26, 2017



Hello, I understood the sentence a bit differently and I translated as: "That boy here is without father." So now I'm wondering how would that be in Czech if this is not it. Thank you :)


I totally agree. Ten chlapec tady je bez otce means That boy here is without father, meaning he has no father. On the other hand the solution shown here as correct would mean Ten chlapec je tady bez otce, as in That boy is here (in this place) without his father.


I do not agree. What about "Ten chlapec zítra bude bez otce ."? Do you believe it is about "chlapec zítra", a boy that will come tomorrow?

Do note that "Ten chlapec je tady bez otce." is accepted in the reverse exercise. Some sentences are simply ambiguous.


"That boy here is without father." is accepted as well.


The boy is without his father here??? Why is that wrong?

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