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  5. "Is het een dorp of een stad?"

"Is het een dorp of een stad?"

Translation:Is it a village or a city?

September 26, 2017



Going by the the ambiguity of 'dorp' in Dutch, and the fairly clear distinction between 'town' and 'city' in English, I really fail to see why the translation: 'Is it a town or city?' is not accepted. In English a village is considered to be a small town, somewhere between a hamlet and a town.


The hover over clues say that 'stad' can mean town or city, and yet town is rejected in this case. I have tried reporting this when I have come across it before but obviously it hasn't changed. Have I missed some subtlety about this sentence?

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Town doesn't have a direct translation is Dutch and can mean either Stad or Dorp so I think the given translation is more accurate since it is unambiguous. (based on the reliable source wikipedia https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Town) But it doesn't mean you are wrong.

Historically a Dutch 'stad' has 'stadsrechten' but nowadays it's more related to the town size (> 50.000 residents), although this isn't a formal definition.


Hi Hugo, thanks for your answer. Makes me wonder whether it would be clearer if Duo removed 'town' as a translation for stad? In other seemingly similar questions, I have used town successfully. Perhaps just more explanation about when it can correctly be used and when it can't might be useful if the terms don't have direct translations, or if the translations vary according to context, as they seem to here.

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Just to be clear, your translation is not wrong since town translates as both. You should report it next time.


Yes, I have reported it previously but it hasn't been changed, which is why I thought I would try to work out if I had missed something. It's not really a big deal, I was just curious. :)


In my English experience we don't often use the word 'village' for modern small municipalities, town would be much more common to mean smaller than a city.

A village has a more community notion to it, or a historic (i.e., in the past, not just old) connotation. Village is also sometimes used to name neighbourhoods or developments within cities.

From this perspective, I had assumed that 'dorp' would best translate to town, but it seems to always translate to village. Is that the intended meaning?


In Britain, the word village is commonly used for places smaller than towns and cities. We would not generally refer to a place as a town unless it met a rough size threshold, maybe more than a thousand residents.


I just reported it, too.


"Town" is accepted for "stad" now.


is this a village or a city, is it correct?


Stad can be city or town.

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