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No sound on pairing exercises after latest update

With the latest update, the pairing exercises have no sound. I miss it - I've come to rely on these pronunciations (and it is not just Japanese: the missing sounds are making things really difficult in the Korean exercises because there I really have no idea what things are supposed to sound like).

Is it just me, or just iOS, or do Android users experience this too? Somewhat surprisingly, there is nothing about this in the Troubleshooting forum.

September 26, 2017



Hi Faisane Yes I too have found that the sound is missing from the pairing exercises on iOS. It makes it harder to match the characters to the pronunciations. I did not realize it was missing from the Korean exercises too. However, I don't rely on the sounds for pairing exercises for Korean as I already understand Hangul. But good luck with your learning.


Last night I experimented with using a bluetooth keyboard (to address the formatting problem you encounter when doing Japanese on the web rather than with the iOS app) and lo and behold - all of a sudden there was sound on the pairing exercises! So it's clarky a bug, then - hope they fix it.


Thanks for the tip Faisane. I might try that. Yeah, when using the iOS app the pairing exercises on Korean and Japanese are still silent, but when using the webpage, both languages have sound for the pairing exercises. So it might be a bug or A/B test or who knows what else?

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