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žrát -> feed on?

I'm just rereading the Tips and notes from the animals. One verb that pops up is žrát as "eat". While it remarks on the coarse nature of using that for humans, the sense of this might be transported by using the verb "to feed on" which would create a sense of similar "weirdness" in English. I generally use that word to transport the sense of the German word "fressen" which is in essence a 1:1 mapping in sense for žrát.

September 26, 2017



I think you are right that it is in essence more of a to feed on than to eat. or at least maybe more barbaric or animalistic way?

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You're completely right with "fressen".

"To feed on" is close enough.


You are right that žrát is the direct counterpart of the German "fressen", however, in English, speakers are generally comfortable saying "animals eat...". "Feed on" is more common in academic use.

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