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Unreportable Bug: campeã not accepted for translation of “the champion”

I recently got an exercise marked wrong because Italy ("A Itália"), which is feminine, cannot be "campeão" but must be "campeã", i.e. feminine. I was like, oh that's interesting, that word has a feminine form.

Well then comes along the exercise to translate "the champion" and it is marked wrong when I type "a campeã" in the box.

Furthermore I tried to report it but there was no box to report it.

I really want this to be fixed, i.e. I want the deeper problem to be fixed of not.

I haven't reported the bug yet because I HATE the bug reporting form because it doesn't give me any confirmation that the bug has been submitted.

September 26, 2017



Yeah, you're right. 'Itália é campeã'. I hope this bug be fixed soon.

My native language is Portuguese. So tell me, if I made any mistakes please.


Oh, "idiom" does not mean "idioma"...you want to say "my native language". In English, "idiom" can only be used to mean "a group of words established by usage as having a meaning not deducible from those of the individual words".


It's a complete waste of time reporting anything in Portuguese anyway - I have reported a whole bunch of stuff, and never, ever had any accepted. All the other languages are much better at updating.

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