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Need advice in English to German translation of short story.

I decided to improve my German skills by translating a small story, so far I have the first few lines of "The Yellow Wallpaper" and I was wondering if the translation was correct so far. Here is what I have:

die gelbe Tapete von Charlotte Perkins Gilman

Es ist sehr selten dass Gehöwhnliche Menschen wie John und Ich, kann absichern ahnenhallen für den Sommer. ein Kolonial Villa, ein erbliches Gut, Ich würde ein Spukhaus sagen und die Höhe der erreichen romantischen Glückseligkeit - Aber das würde fragen, zu viel von Schicksal! Immer noch, werde ich Stolz sagen, daß es etwas Eigenartiges darüber. Warum sonst würden die Mieten so billig sein?

Here's the original story: https://www.gutenberg.org/files/1952/1952-h/1952-h.htm

I changed a sentence and a few words because the original story uses some old language. Any advice would be great!

September 26, 2017


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I'd suggest you join http://lang-8.com/ and post it there. Lang-8 is set up precisely to let native and expert speakers correct your texts, and it works much better for this than the Duolingo forums. (Not that I want to discourage you from posting requests for correction here -- it can just be a little hit-and-miss as to whether you actually get any useful replies...).



Unfortunately, new sign ups are suspended on Lang-8, but you can still get in if you registered an account previously. Looks like they are pushing their new (and inferior) service "HiNative".

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Thanks for the information -- what a shame. Italki's "notebook" feature looks as though it might make a good substitute.


Meh. I found Lang-8's interface a lot better - italki's notebooks had too many colours and it wasn't so easy to apply formatting to distinguish the bits you were correcting.

But perhaps it has improved since I last looked at it.


I did not know that italki had that feature, thanks for the link.

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